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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Cleaning

Spring is notoriously a season of renewal. It seems to come naturally to most that as the winter leaves its last few flakes of snow only to be replaced with buds, we are cleaning out our lives and looking forward to a new season of warmth. Naturally, I was feeling this way and began reflecting on the habits that I have recently taken on in an attempt to clean out my life and renew.

So... here is my list of 5 healthy spring cleaning habits that I have found useful and maybe you will too:

1. Get rid of and donate any clothes that don't make you feel FABULOUS! I told my mom that I was doing this at first, as a joke. I was looking through  my closet one day at the many different items I owned and realized that while I had A LOT of clothes, not all of them made me feel my best. You know the things I am talking about, those clothes you keep just in case, but every time you wear them you just don't feel good about yourself. I realized that I had a lot of clothes and that I had no business owning and wearing things that I didn't feel good in. So, I literally got rid of everything that didn't make me feel FABULOUS and began only wearing things that made me feel like my best self. It has made a world of difference in my everyday attitude because, as I have always believed, dressing your best just makes the day better.

2. Find a time for yourself. For me, I have found this through yoga. I have always been a fan of yoga, but haven't been practicing recently because, well... I was lazy, but I began to yearn for some kind of physical outlet. The cold months often leave us bundled under blankets and eating large meals, but eventually I reached the point where I just had to get up and move. Thus, I began practicing yoga again. While the physical benefits have been obvious, with it came another benefit. I was able to set aside even just a half an hour a day to focus on bettering myself, breathing, and paying attention to my needs. I am calmer, more reflective, and much more energized.

3. Drink lots of water (and tea). I often found myself having digestive issues (not a surprise after the comment about curling up under blankets and eating big meals). I tried eating lots of different things, but couldn't seem to find relief. I have recently been paying close attention to how much water I am drinking and began to try and double it. With it, I have been drinking at least two cups of green tea a day, my goal being two cups in the morning and two at night. This has greatly improved my digestion and makes me much less hungry throughout the day. A double bonus!!!

4. Have meaningful conversations, daily. While the last three might seem more obviously related to spring cleaning, you might say, "How does having a conversation relate to cleaning and renewing?" It is obvious when someone uses weather as a conversation starter, they don't know what else to say. When someone does, or even I do, I notice and cringe. Brandon and I try to go for walks (more physical exercise) every single day. We often spend these walks talking about things we both are very passionate about. This could cover a variety of different things, but I can assure you if it is rarely about the weather (except for an off hand comment about the blizzard conditions in March). There is so much to talk about and taking the time to explore the things that you are thinking about anyway, will clear out your mind and help you sort through them.

5. Go out of your way to do things you enjoy. Obviously I mentioned the yoga and having meaningful conversations, but I'm talking about doing more! Over spring break I read four books, watched potentially hundreds of poetry videos on YouTube, began writing poetry again myself, and attended a benefit for the shelter we got our kitties from. (I also spent a majority of the time I was reading cuddling with my cats). These are all things I truly find joy in. In taking the time to spend my free time, not on social media, but engaged in meaningful activities that better myself and others, I have found a renewed contentment with my days.

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